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Random Japanese + and X blocks

You’d think I could have made one more block before posting this picture. Alas, this was progress as of yesterday and I had to suspend fun operations to get back to more serious projects. With deadlines.

My One Block Over bee members made some of the blocks. I made some of the blocks. I’m so appreciative to have had the bee members sewing for me in May. It really gave this project a jump start.

I have a lot of cutting done for this but I NEVER have enough X fabrics cut. I have a hard time picking fabrics for the X part. Don’t know why.

After spending some time admiring the blocks over at the Japanese + and X blocks Flickr group, I think I’ll add some more colorful backgrounds and some more light fabrics for the X part. I don’t know, these are awfully addictive……



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Today’s crop

Yeah, you’re making me nervous about the impending morning glory takeover. I’ve been considering other “gardens” around the neighborhood. I’d admired the morning glories. And then I saw a fence that had been wrapped fiercely in the little buggers. I’ll have to keep ours in check — haven’t let them go up on the porch roof at least. Until the takeover, I’ll continue to enjoy the day’s crop because it is an ever-changing scene.

And here’s today’s crop of sewing:

I must say, the shot cottons paper pieced like a DREAM! It was quite thrilling to see how nicely they fell flat at the seams!

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