Well, I’ll be darned if I feel like I’ve accomplished anything this week. Fits and starts and news and running around. On the other hand, above is a speedy project with Free Spirit‘s Utopia (free pattern on the Free Spirit site). This is part of the Over-commitment Gang. It is a long tale (only because it has gone on so long) of falling in love with fabric and involves words to the effect of: “I’ll do that sample.” And then what do the Fabric People do (and I’m sure this involves collusion with UPS…)? Send more pretty fabric! Magpies drop everything when the next shiny thing comes along. But one must return to even the dusty things on the to-do list. The fabrics look so much better all mixed up in the quilt top than they do on the bolt.

And then there are these:



These blocks are made from the Modern Mix pattern in the June 2007 American Patchwork & Quilting. I had a fat quarter bundle of Moda’s Summer in the City and thought I could get this sample done before the bolts were delivered. Ha, I say! The fabric arrived on the day I started making the blocks. Mind you, I practiced beforehand with some Aunt Gracie fabrics. Do you know how many blocks I made before I realized what the pattern meant by “matching” lights and darks. Let’s just say 10 blocks. But, I must say, the “mistakes” are a little more visually interesting than the “correct” ones I made today. We’ll do a little more mixing and matching. Oh, and if one of the three people who reads this decides to make a quilt using this pattern: straight quarters are SO much better for it than fat quarters! You’ll avoid stopping and starting when it comes to sewing the strip sets, and it can be a little dicey to make sure you get the smaller triangles that you need out of the ends of the fat quarter strip sets. And, if you are me, with two sets of each of the fat quarter strip sets, you are twice as likely to start cutting your triangles from the wrong side… sigh.


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