They say I pin too much…


Ah, the pleasures of pin basting. Things stay where you put them…especially if you pin every three or so inches. I would like to say that pin basting is meditational. Unfortunately, I use the patented Pin Baste on Top of a Queen-size Bed ™ system. That involves stretching and bending and getting down on my knees…resulting in more grunting and groaning than meditation allows. Let’s call it Basting Yoga. But, it is a system that doesn’t let me down and I slide a large cutting mat around under the area to be pinned.

Two tops got the basting treatment this morning. I took a break (who leaves me home alone with chocolatealmondbuttertoffee?) and read Kristin’s post on machine quilting. How timely. I am usually able to get past one of my perfectionist tendencies (if you avoid doing it, how can you possibly do it wrong?) where machine quilting is concerned. But I completely relate to what she has said.


The Modern Mix quilt is up next for machine quilting. I enlarged one of the bird motifs from the Summer in the City fabric and that bird landed right in my quilt. Caw!

In my next post, we will discuss the Month of aMy.



  1. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Ah, yes! The Official Month of aMy Box is nearly complete and will soon be on its way–perhaps actually in time this year? That remains to be seen, I fear.

  2. samantha said

    That is just gorgeous! Love the enlarged bird!!

  3. Robynne Carter said

    Where do you find the very large ric rac? I have been looking for some for quite awhile. Live in SLC, Utah. Appreciate your response!

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