It’s not easy being chartreuse


In my honest opinion, there is nothing that can’t be improved without a little lime green. Even in the envy department. I’m doing my best to keep my mind off of quilty activities in Salt Lake City. Only because I’M NOT THERE and there is fun to be had. And sore feet. And sore backs. Neither of which I have (wait, let me awkwardly lift another medium sized dog out of a bathtub and I’ll at least have the back part).

Instead, I’ve been keeping company with the little man:

Run, little man, run! I’ll admit, I’d been sewing regularly and for quite some time before I took my eyes off my work and saw this little running man who must be the full-time manager of the stitch regulator department. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my machine: Why is there a smelly little man showing up on my sewing computer’s screen? Ahhh, slow to catch on, this old-time English major (use your words, people!) is late to the iconography (if you will) party. I just don’t get the pictures sometimes. He isn’t smelly, he’s running…I get it. With that, I’d better go and see if I can catch the little man.

Next time we will address the month of aMy.



  1. samantha said

    ihave to say, I agree about lime green. And I would have thought that man was smelly as well.

  2. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Chartreuse is the new cheddar.

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