Say hello to my little friend


I am making the sampler quilt from Kaffe Fassett’s Museum Quilts book. Maybe I should say I’m in charge of making it (and kitting it, BOM-style). I like this quilt. I am sooooo tired of this quilt. I am finishing up the small blocks and moving on to what’s left. Enthusiasm waned about 10 months back. However, my quilting thrives with externally-imposed deadlines. So, I am CERTAIN that my enthusiasm will return when I realize I just need to sew the blocks together! Voila and all.

Today I visited with block 39 in all of its diamond-y goodness. You will see my very good friend above. Seam Ripper is sitting threateningly near block 39. It was a seam ripper smackdown today. You know, it’s not the ripping of the seams that I mind, it’s picking all those little threads out of the seams afterward. Today’s block 39 was a test-run to make sure things would go smoothly. Three more of block 39 to go. Must remember to cut a paycheck for Seam Ripper…with overtime. I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll see of this project.

On another note, ou-la-la, a box arrived from France, fancy! I like me some gizmos. I read about this Japanese pencil in Quiltmania and decided I had to try it. Methinks the shipping was more than the pencil. Allegedly, its marks come out, poof, with water! I will report back once I can bear to take it out of its precise little packaging. I’m one of those people.

Finally, I did not succeed in my eBay quest. Foiled again! Quick like a bunny, go take a look at this beauty. Don’t you just love the freshness of the colors? That I can work to replicate.



  1. Julie said

    My little friend is a clover ripper…never tried a Bernina…Love your opening line and the movie.

  2. Mary Albino said

    Have you tried the Japanese pencil from France yet? I also read about it in
    Quiltmania. I wonder if it really works. Thanks Mary

  3. alobsiger said

    Hi Mary,
    I just tried the pencil after getting your comment. I’ll write up a very unscientific review later today. Thanks for the question–I didn’t forget my pencil, still hadn’t opened it up. 🙂

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