Chocolate soup?


This is what is going on today. I haven’t yet gone on and on about one of my favorite quilt designers, Barbara Jones from Quilt Soup. I fell for her lovely and fun designs at my first Quilt Market. This is one of her latest designs, Paper Plates. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to get right to it with some Chocolate Lollipop. Oooooh, is it ever fun! And, being a rebel (and reknowned lazy girl…), I decided to do rick-rack-turn applique on the large plates. Do you know this one? If not, add it to your list of applique tricks. Barbara’s pattern recommends a wonderful method of starch and freezer paper applique prep, and I’m by no means criticizing…I’m just, well, lazy.

Barbara’s design includes some medium large rick-rack around the edges of her plates. So, I brought out some large-ish rick-rack, sewed it to the RIGHT side of the pieced circle, making sure to sew about 1/4″ away from the raw edge of the fabric and right through the middle of the rick-rack. Then we go to the iron and we FLIP the rick-rack to the back and press the lovely new finished edge of our applique. Voila. I know, not spectacularly original, just helpful when you’re lazy like me. I’ll be adding rick-rack around the edges of the smaller circles and maybe around some flower petals. But I’ll do that the old-fashioned starch and Templar way. If the rick-rack is too narrow, I’m thinking it would be too fiddly and would need to be stitched IN the seam allowance and then turned out. We shall see. Can’t get things too complicated…I’m lazy, remember?

Anyway, Barbara also has a new fabric line out with Marcus Bros. called Ellery–gorgeous stuff. So, go visit her and get some patterns and some soup recipes!



  1. Suzanne said

    That is going to very cute, and I LOVE your rick-rack idea. I’ve lately been eyeing the rick-rack thinking it was cuter than I used to think it was. Now I will have to give some a try in applique!

  2. pam said

    OH! I never thought of doing rick rack like that. And I love rick rack.Thanks for sharing.

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  5. amanda said

    hi there. i’m a new reader of your blog. love that ric rac idea! love it! and also you’ve got me so tempted to order the lollypop trees quilt pattern. (yes, i’ve been going back through and reading your old entries, but i’ve been having such a hard time finding good quilt blogs to read so i was thrilled to find yours!)

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