That’s not what I expected


First of all, do you think I should break out a new marking pencil? I do have more. It’s becoming something of a personal challenge at this point. Everyone has to have goals.


  • flowers1.jpg

    So, when I last left you, I had a vision in my peapod brain that I would use Kona snow for my backgrounds–nice and clean, ya know? That was a little too tame for me. I graduated to a LOUD AND LARGE AQUA GINGHAM. It looked like paper plates on a tablecloth. Clever. But, you just couldn’t see the fabrics in the plates. The boss, who is the boss and thus much wiser than I am, put the plate on the dark, dark purple with gold stripe ovals you see above (I know, hard to see, I’ll work on that and get back to you). I am so excited about this project. As for the flower petals, a few have a funny X stitch in black, some have a neutral straight stitch and some have small rick-rack underneath. The LOUD AND LARGE AQUA GINGHAM is going to come back into play later. Stay tuned. This could get interesting…

  • paperplates21.jpg


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    1. Wow! I love the flowers! A little rickrack, a little criss-crossin’ stitches. Very, very nice, Mrs. S.

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