Quilting in the molasses swamp

I am machine quilting for someone. Today, of all days, I finally decide I need to face facts and admit that there is something wrong with the 440–HORRORS. It is stitching like cold molasses. The motor speed needs to go to 11. It is one of those things that weighs on the mind. I have felt that something was slow about the machine for a while, but it is just not keeping up and needs to see its doctor. The doctor won’t be in until Wednesday. In the meantime, the patient has been carefully packed away in its travel case (complete with the little piece of wire that came flying out and attempted to impale me a while back).

So, we have dusted off the 1090. I do love that machine. Howeva, I don’t have an acrylic table insert for it (added friction factor) AND, minor detail, it does not have a stitch regulator. I have become spoiled. I do know how to free motion without it…I’m just, er, rusty. My swirls are not swirling to my satisfaction. I don’t know if I can bear it. This quilt is time sensitive. I can’t decide whether to suck it up and go back to the Molasses Swamp just to finish the thing OR suck it up and do it with the 1090 (lovely motor speed, that–just not working to my advantage at present).

When conferring with my dealer, the words “something could be wrong with the board…” fell from her lips. This is what happens, I guess, when I turn down the offer of a new machine (I would just buy the same machine…only newer).



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  1. pam said

    OH! NO!
    so what did you do?

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