I bet this dog doesn’t mind wet feet


What is with my karma these days? First the sewing machine (I dare not mention the coffee maker–we are currently on speaking terms), then the newspaper (ah, me, under the mistaken impression that the newspaper delivery person’s job is to actually deliver the newspaper), I dropped and broke my favorite grooming device (how do you break tweezers?), and we find that we do not in fact have a neurosis-free dog on the premises. At 11 months, the “puppy” decides she does not like to get her paddy-paws wet when she goes potty (remember that gullywasher?).  It has rained before; suddenly you’re all delicate? Today we are going on the cement in the driveway. I consider that progress so I overlooked the fact that someone with a long snout who shall remain nameless wiped out the biscuit supply by the back door. I conveniently left the ziploc bag open for her. My bad.

These are minor annoying things. We are forging ahead. Taking a little hand stitching break with a new Sue Spargo book (CUTE PINCUSHIONS!). I sure hope mine ends up looking like a dog. The 440 is safely at the dealer (hmm, she said look for a new machine geared toward quilters in 2008). I’m reacquainting with the 1090 and we are free motion quilting like old friends. I think she has become a little hard of hearing and my memory is getting bad, but that happens with old friends! I just turn up the NPR for her and she forgives me when I forget where some of her buttons and switches are. Carry on.


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