Over the last many years, I have considered in the darkest recesses of my mind that it would be a great thing if the fabric companies would just stop producing fabric just for ever such a short time…so that we could catch up with our projects.

Of course, this could be a good idea only for people like me: the worst kind of quilter–the one with a flood of projects and no self control. Very magpie-esque.

Which then leads me to these fabrics who became friends and followed me home (but, lookie, I have only had them since the weekend and they are already shaping up into a quickie quilt top):

Ahh, a fresh early summer quilt. For the record, I did finish quilting the time-sensitive quilt and this is sort of a palate-cleanser.

And, somehow last night, these geraniums fell head over heels for this Kaffe dot:

Does anyone else get heart palpitations over this stuff? It’s the fabric vapors, I tell you! It was hard to resist diving into these people today, but I decided that the strippy bricky blue and green thing would be better for a hot blowy day. Well, and first in, first out and all. Yeah, like I adhere to any sort of rules in regard to fabric and projects. I just get swept away.

Still haven’t heard about the illin’ 440, but the 1090 and I are having a great time!


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  1. […] rain and some peace and quiet to get some visible quilt progress around here. The quilting on the “quickie” blue and green quilt was finally finished. I do think that gnomes came over in the night and removed quilting and/or […]

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