Oh, the maths


Why isn’t the post-vacation catch-up more fun? Today we are trying to make sure we meet our deadlines and are doing MATH to make sure the nice people who are making the V&A sampler quilt will have enough fabric. I don’t like making those kinds of mistakes when it affects other people’s success. So, while there has been a little bit of making blocks, there has been a lot of the maths and checking the maths.

The block making was briefly interrupted by our first trip to the ER for stitches. Too bad mama’s stitching couldn’t take care of that. And a little detour for ice cream before supper helps ease the pain, eh?

There is one more month to go in this block of the month. Then, er, I have to put the quilt together. My poor Museum Quilts book has seen better days. Alas, this one is signed by Kaffe. Maybe he would be glad it is well used.


Excitement! A little thunderstorm is on the way.



  1. Thank goodness that the quilt maths do not require the trigonometric functions, no?! Although methinks that my Mr. Schmenkman could find a way to make them necessary! The applause goes to you for calculating for other people. I like my method–just consistently buy too much of everything, divide it up and have remainders!

  2. Amy the lanterns are all appliqued. I will try to get some close up photos up soon. It looks like they pieced the geometric ones and then appliqued the whole thing onto the background. Thanks for coming by.

  3. I would really love to see your lantern quilt when you make it.

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