It’s all your fault

It was a simple idea, really. It was one of those unscheduled projects that crops up when you find a really great fabric. Things just happen. I blame Michael Miller. “He” sent this:


What is a girl to do? I have had a wonderful pattern by Ruth Powers, whose company is called Innovations, for a while. It’s the Strip Trip pattern. It is a great pattern as long as you are paying attention. DO NOT (and I repeat, DO NOT) make a cutting or planning error. Only because you’ve got nowhere to go if you do. You’re stuck with great swaths of WRONGVILLE (and you don’t have more to get you out of the situation…well, if you’re me, you might have a tiny bit extra hiding in the basement…). BUT, if you have your wits about you, you can have a great time picking fabrics that are just meant to be together for eternity!

The Michael Miller check is so festive! I added some festive Kaffes and some Tina Givens raindrops (OK, I had another choice that might not stand out as much…but I went with the raindrops). Swooooon.


As usual, not a great picture, but isn’t it happy? It’s just happy.

Because it took longer than anticipated (I need to have my IQ checked just to see if I have one, you know, like a pulse), I decided to cap off the project with some fizzy pink lemonade.


Cheers and have a happy Independence Day!


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