The great suction miracle of 2007

This day started out great! Ordinarily I would be hard pressed to say that about any day starting out with the C word (shhhh! cleaning). Gnomes worked some magic on my vacuum cleaner, and I had the miracle of suction that would have made Mr. Dyson weep. Don’t ask me how it happened. Maybe my vacuum was involved in a video game of some sort and it ran into something that temporarily empowered it. Or maybe a Playmobil piece dislodged itself from an important vacuum orifice. I don’t ask questions.

Then I went to visit the Hair Whisperer.

Then I came home to find an Amazon box on the porch:


All I can say is: Buy this book.

Christine Maraccini has a great approach–will your quilt be a dragger, a keepsake or a showstopper–the answer determines how much quilting your quilt needs. She then talks about developing muscle memory so the quilting design can flow from your hands. I LOVE this and am a big advocate of it. I can’t draw to save my life, but if I can get a semblance of a quilting design shape down on paper, practice it, figure out where it will take me, I know I can stitch it by machine. She then goes step by step by step through each of the gobs of quilting designs included in the book.

I have several great machine quilting books, but none that tells me so much about getting the shapes to come out of my hands and onto the quilt. Happy happy joy joy. I love this book.

Finally, I bring you this:


Blueberry pie. Photographed mid-bake while the crust was all pretty and well lit. While some people will be here tonight, I will be enjoying pie. Don’t bring me a t-shirt with an old man on the front! I’m not talking about you, Sting.



  1. Wow! Awesome pie shot! Hmmmm . . . . blueberry pie or Sting . . . . . I may have been ever so slightly conflicted given the choice between going to the Police concert last night and hanging out with Mrs. Schmenkman. Two questions which would swing my hypothetical-already-too-late decision: Did I have back stage passes? And was there Reddi-Whip to go with the pie?

  2. Mrs. S-

    Hugs and love for the nice things you said about my book! I’m so glad you found it useful. That pie looks pretty darn good too! 🙂


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