Scary spice


This post could also be called “breakfast of champions,” but since it’s not morning time, I thought it would be a little dishonest. All I can say is that I’m glad I haven’t fallen madly in love with Tandoori Sizzler Doritos. Because then I would have to go to Canada every day. I am content with the occasional guacamole dorito…oh, shoot, I shouldn’t have mentioned those to myself.

And, since a train called me in the middle of the night to leave a whistling message on the answering machine (I’m not kidding), I added the largesse iced coffee to the snack. This ought to keep me awake.

OK, you’ve caught me…no quilting content in this post. Next time, I promise I will show you some new taupe-lite fabrics I’ve added to my collection on two recent field expeditions. I can’t bring myself to use the taupe fabrics (because then they will be gone…), but I collect them.

Finally, we are staying inside most of today. Because I went outside earlier and look what happened to my makeup (to say nothing of my glued on accessories):



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  1. We’re going to miss you, Tammy Faye! Sniff!

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