The tip of the iceberg


Am I a closet taupe-aholic? Why, yes. Yes, I am. You’re the first to know. I am thrilled that some of the U.S. fabric companies are bringing us some taupe-y fabrics (mainly because this gives us more to choose from and makes the taupe-y fabrics a little less pricey). Most of the ones in this picture are Daiwabo-designed for E.E. Schenk. Genius. Did you notice how well that little Thimbleberries plaid goes with the selections? These were from a field trip of sorts to my hometown, Bluffton, Indiana. I could now return to this small town and have most of my needs met. Quilt store–check. Starbucks–check. See, I don’t need much to live. Still can’t get my cell phone to work there–oh well.

Somewhere in this house is the real collection of Daiwabo fabrics. They are currently safely ensconced in an undisclosed location. The Japanese quilt books came in the mail the other day–swoon. I was thinking I might use some of the taupe fabrics to make the adorable basket quilt from Quiltmania (starts in issue 59, ends in issue 60):


Isn’t it pretty?

On an unrelated note, I’m confused by this:


We are getting ready for back to school (albeit prematurely, but we can all dream…). I don’t know whether the contents automatically become fun because they will be in this FUNtainer or whether I can only put FUN things in it. I guess I’m easily confused what with the heat and LACK of actual quilting. I’m sorry, it took all of my wits to point out to the tennis instructor that my daughter is not left-handed. Hmm, something just looked wrong.

Finally, I’m feeling much better than the other day, thanks.




  1. Oh, you haven’t been hiding the fact that you’re a closet taupe-er as well as you think you have! I remember the hush-hush purchase of those Daiwabo fabrics at the quilt show in Chicago . . . . the way you bought them and quickly slipped them into your bag when you thought I wasn’t looking. But those shifty blue felt eyes and coy little pursed red lips give you away every time! Yeah, you know it. Look at that smirk!

  2. marisa said

    Nices taupes. I’m a fellow addict. What you’ve got there is what I’d call a good start! Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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