Bright enough for you?

We will just avoid talking about the heat. And the bugs, and the lawn, and the crabapples, and the rain (more specifically, the dog that won’t go outside when the lawn is wet). We need all of these things (not the doggy issues though), I’m sure. We just don’t need to talk about them.


I’ve been waiting for a few minutes of peace and quiet (back to school countdown) and a little cutting table space to do up some new blocks. Very quick. And I’ve always wanted to make one of those quilts whose blocks vibrate right in front of my very own eyes. This is Key Lime Pie from Sandy Bonsib’s new book, Sweet Treats (be sure to click on lectures and workshops to see some pics of the quilts). Quite a few delectable quilts in this book, all with interesting uses of half square triangle and four-patch blocks. Easy as pie!

I occasionally lose things in my house. They are usually things I put in memorable places so I won’t forget where I left them. And I usually have a good sense of where I saw something last and can go to that spot (in the endless search loop). There can be glitches in the intuition method of storing things. After several successful “findings” of late, I had to break down and get a new something. I give up.


I am certain the other copy will show up in due time. A quilting friend who commiserates with me about searching for things has dibs on a copy when I find the other one. I will find it today, I am sure of it.

Finally, I must stop obsessively listening to this band and stop checking if they have added me as a friend.



  1. Lisa D. said

    That key lime pie quilt is gorgeous! I love the colors. Ooo – I just bought one of those orange floral rotary cutters, too. Aren’t they fun?

  2. Wow! Love it! That green is my new living room color — Sherwin Williams’ “Hep Green”!! With just a splash (the newly torn down half-wall) in the berry color. Yum. I think you should lose track of that awesome rotary cutter, search just a little before you buy another, then miraculously find the first one and send it my way! ๐Ÿ™‚ The only problem is that all of my once never-to-be-found-and-subsequently-repurchased rotary cutters are now together in one place (Laughing at me? Plotting against me?) It’s a bit disturbing to think that I spent that much money simply because I’m a lazy slob! I’d spread them around a bit, but I might not be able to find one when I need it. And then . . . . .

  3. That rotary cutter is cool. Where did you find it? I have now gotten to the age apparently where I must be putting things in the least likely place as I never find some of them. They have to be here somewhere. My quilt studio is different. It is very organized and I keep it that way.

  4. alobsiger said

    Yes, I needed a new rotary cutter like a hole in the head. But isn’t it PRETTY? It’s a new “limited edition” by Olfa. You know, like all those pretty little scissors that Gingher keeps coming out with. Knock it off, already! Don’t you know I lose things just like that?! I think the new Olfa design should be coming out in stores about know–Guildcrafters has them locally. ๐Ÿ™‚

    While I’m at it…I honestly got the rotary cutter because it was pretty, but, hey, what a difference a new cutter–not just a new blade–makes! It is so smooth!

  5. How did you get Sandy’s book already?. Amazon is showing it as not available until October.

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