I could be dangerous


Yes, I honestly did use all of these tools in the course of an hour.

I don’t often take a direct approach to my projects. We have a little bit of trial and error before we fix on a method. The first question I ask myself whenever starting a project is, “what’s the most efficient way to do this task?” Today I needed to cut a hundred tweven or so 6 1/2″ circles. I started out with a Creative Grids 6 1/2″ circle and a smallish rotary cutter. Sheesh, I could be here all day cutting these silly things in this manner. So, I broke out the big gun, so to speak: the Olfa circle cutter. Yes, you do too need one of these. While the fabric wants to move around when cutting the circle, it all seems to resolve itself to a decent circle in the end.

The next problem-solving opportunity was how to cut an accurate 6″ circle out of heat resistant template plastic. I tried the circle cutter…and it wouldn’t cut through the plastic. But it did sort of score the circle…so maybe an Exacto? nah, I’m too wavery with it. Ooooh, what’s this? A wrapping paper cutter? Has possibilities, but I doubt I could get it to do a decent circle. Might have to revisit this tool in the future though. OK, fine, get me the regular variety scissors. Please refer to the wavery cutting reference above which will naturally lead us to the nail file to smooth out the rough spots on the circle. Voila and now I have quite a few items to put away.

In the end, we get this:


Now I just have to figure out the best tool to do a hand running stitch around the outside of a hundred tweven (minus 1) 6 1/2″ circles. Hmm, might just be my hands. What can I say–I’m a problem solver.



  1. Jeez I just used my compass and a pair of scissors. I might have one of those gadgets. I will have to check.

  2. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night.

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