Laying low

Nada lot to report this week. Loooowwww productivity. August has been a challenge for some reason. I blame this week’s particular malaise on overzealous tree pruning on Monday. Someone should keep me away from the loppers. I can hurt myself. Funny thing, the tree lost everything but its leaves on top. I came away from the Hair Whisperer looking much the same. We really need to stop talking so much while he’s cutting. I can’t take any of the blame, however, because when I don’t have my glasses on, I can’t see a thing that’s happening.

I’m sure things would brighten if I could Netflix instantly. Or if I could listen to my library’s ebooks. Unfortunately, the 21st century snuck up on these technologies. Oh, but we do have the Disney Channel for the social event of the season. WAIT, don’t click that without getting your headache medicine of choice first. I’ll tell ya what time it is.

We are making a wacky cake. It’s not very photogenic. I hope its taste makes up for it. Nothing a little buttercream can’t fix, I’m sure.

Hang on! Two fun things did happen this week. I got to meet Candy! What a nice person! And, via Jolly Jabber, I ordered some fantastic new patterns from Camille.

I leave you with a small gardening success (which is major around here). I just know next week will be more productive!




  1. We made a lot of wacky cakes when I was growing up. They are a lot more delicious than they sound. My mom’s recipe card said ‘Wacky Cake – A Real Quickie’. There is something to be said for a cake you can mix in the pan without a mixer. Enjoy.

  2. I have the same problem getting a haircut. Can’t see anything without my glasses.

  3. Wow, it is a good day when I am mentioned on your blog! 🙂 Thanks for the haircut reminder, I hope I fare better than you- I have that same talking problem!

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