Now, that’s better

It only takes a couple of days of rain and some peace and quiet to get some visible quilt progress around here. The quilting on the “quickie” blue and green quilt was finally finished. I do think that gnomes came over in the night and removed quilting and/or made the quilt bigger. Thoughts of cutting off unquilted portions crossed my mind. Oh, the heresy that happens around here! I believe I can be trusted to get the binding stitched down before summer is over. Sheesh.

Then the other day I saw a quilt in the Sept./Oct. Fons and Porter quilting mag. This happened while ogling and then borrowing someone else’s copy. What can I say, my subscription ran out. I hang out with very understanding quilt people. This is Anna’s Album. The border and some coordinates are from Anna Griffin’s Evelyn collection for Windham. I’ve been itching to do something with these. Design is by Jean Ann Wright.


Hopefully quilting won’t take forever…

Also got some block of the month work done.


Some happiness also arrived in the mail.


Aren’t these refreshing?

And, because we can’t leave out the snacks. Some additional exotic flavors of chips from across the border.


Why do these amuse me so? Oops, I think the cheddar lime bag is now empty. How did that happen?

All righty. Off to the next fun task. Cheers!



  1. Okay, something is wrong with my website… it isn’t working when I clicked on my name…try this link

    I think it is just too long! I didn’t want you to think I disappeared!

    PS- you really are too nice!

  2. Ew! Fries and gravy . . . . I’m so glad that little Canadian culinary, um, treasure has not made it big south (or north, as it were) of the border . I know I’d never touch the stuff–and I doubt I even watch anyone eat it. Bleh! (How do the chips taste, BTW?) But that chili cheese lime–I could go for that! I LOVE that flower BOM!

  3. Fons and Porter Love of Quilting is the only subscription I have anymore. I never want it to stop. I love the quilts they come up with, especially with reproduction feedsack fabrics.

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