Giving myself the finger


Can someone please explain to me why it took three bobbins’ worth of Bottom Line thread before I remembered to put the bobbin thread through the little “finger” on the side of the bobbin case? Anyone? Grouse, grouse, grouse about stitch quality all afternoon. It’s just not right. So, we changed from the recommended topstitch needle back to a good old-fashioned sharp needle. Eh, slightly better. Still not happy. A little later, we installed the straight stitch plate (the peril of this is not remembering to put the zig-zag plate BACK on before zig-zagging, breaking a needle and throwing the timing out of whack). And later still, when putting in the fourth bobbin, it hit me. OH YEAH.


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  1. pam said

    Nice free hand work. I’m assuming regular sewing machine? It looks really good!

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