Indian trail quilt block input

Today, we are conducting a small survey. Remember, I am a free-thinking quilter who just might easily get bored with too much repetition…not that I am trying to sway your thinking.

I find myself in the position of having volunteered to make a quilt using the Indian trail quilt block. (I need to have someone standing by with a thermometer to check my temperature and see if I am officially cRaZy when I do these things sometimes.) An example can be seen here at McCall’s Quilting.

So, my question to anyone out there (hello? Hellooo?) is could you see the “points” (the red part in the small half-square triangles) being scrappy rather than all one color? If not, could you see these points as the same color but scrappy, i.e., green but different greens? And, would that apply to an entire block or just 1/4 of each block?

I will draw two lucky responders to receive a small fabric prize for helping me out.


EDITED TO ADD SOME ADDITIONAL INFO: The fabric for the background and 1/2 of the larger half square triangle are specific fabrics that can’t be changed. The only fun I can have is in the non-background parts of the “points.” Thanks for input so far!



  1. I think monochrome scrappy would work. I am not so sure about the totally scrappy one. I am not very brave myself. Could you not put together just the small section in each style and decide? Good luck. You are paper piecing these I hope. Otherwise it would be a pain in the you know.

  2. I personally would keep the greens (or reds, blues, whatever) in the same family, and not too different, but definitely scrappy. Does that even make sense? But then again, I would probably do the same with the larger piece. I like to use a lot of different fabrics, but that’s just me! Good luck with that one! I think you are definitely at least a little crazy!

  3. Scrappy is good. I agree, though, that I think it would look better in the same tone. OR go crazy and make all of the triangles (*big ones included*) scrappy and of the same color–tone be damned! Just keep the background the same. There. Once again I was of no help what-so-ever.

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