You crack me up


It is a hot afternoon. Having gotten plenty of fresh hand blisters at the park, we are staying inside (enjoying expensive meals at the Playmobil cafeteria). We are also listening to a Nancy Drew mystery–The Hidden Staircase. I have been in the sewing room (trimming…and listening). When Nancy gets into some peril, I hear a gasp and bare feet come running down the hall: “Did you hear that?!”

Cracks me up every time.



  1. Is it true that titian blonde girl sleuths have more fun?

  2. alobsiger said

    They have convertibles, how could they not have fun?

  3. Of *course*! [*klonks noggin in “I could’ve had a V-8” manner*]

  4. pam said

    OHMY!! I just finished listening to these for the umpteenth time. I love Laura Linney reading them. Now I’m on the second Hardy boys mystery.. I wish they’d do more.

    Does that cafeteria do take out? Its too hot to do anything about food here.

  5. We just had a very nasty storm blow through here again. Are you ok? There was a tornado in Plymouth.

  6. alobsiger said

    We have only 22 minutes left and somehow Nancy has to find Mr. Drew and solve the mystery?! How can that possibly happen? The teachable moment was explaining the difference between abridged and unabridged…although we definitely have the unabridged version…gasp

  7. (Sorry, you’ve been tagged!) See my blog for more info. Love the playmobil cafeteria by the way- this post cracked me up!

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