I don’t think this counts


The lovely Camille tagged me with a middle name facts meme. I can only half commit because I honestly don’t know (know enough to tag…) others to tag. But, because I have a JOyfully short middle name, I can do the facts part.

J–Um, jocular. If there’s a way to make a joke about anything, I will try to do it. Example: while the giraffes were getting crackers yesterday, the ostrich in the same exhibit just stood in one place looking forlorn and annoyed. I thought he needed a shirt that said, “The giraffes got crackers and all I got was this dumb t-shirt.” There always needs to be something about which to laugh.

O–Ornery, obstinate, and often overzealous (but in a committed kind of way, you know, with follow-through).

It’s too bad my middle name isn’t longer. I could actually tell you about some of my many good qualities.

You put those two letters together and you get one of the most teased-about middle names in town. Schoolmates were relentless.

So, Camille, I’m sorry to be a party pooper. I hope this is a little OK.



  1. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Well done, Mrs. S! How could you get teased about such a simple middle name? Oh, I forgot. I know where you grew up.

    AND, nyah-nyah! You can’t tag me because I sooooo don’t *have* a middle name! 😉

  2. It’s great! So glad you did it! You know, you could always use the middle name you would like to have- something really long like…. your last name! That would be fun- I’m sure you could come up with a quite a list for Schmenkman! Something funny- of the 8 people I tagged, 3 of them ended up having the middle name Jo- crazy, huh??

  3. Amy don’t ever plant mint in the ground unless you want a mint lawn. I only plant it in pots now. There was mint in the ground here when we moved in nineteen years ago and I have given up on keeping it under control. It is everywhere.

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