I’ve been laboring, all right

Busy as a bee around here on a holiday. Walk four miles–check. Walk the dogs–check. Three loads of laundry–check. Vacuum 1,739,512 dogs hairs–check. Scour sink–check. Clean out school file drawers–check!


See, all clean and empty and ready to be filled with a new school year’s wealth of knowledge in spelling and writing and math. Starting tomorrow!

Last night, I gave myself permission to ignore the “shoulds” and had some sewing fun. I saw a lovely quilt here (scroll down to the wonky blocks quilt–see, once again, they are having the most fun on the planet!) and had to do some myself.


The problem, if you will, with this block is its addiction factor. Frighteningly high. One stacks several fabrics (in this case, four) and then starts slicing, shuffling pieces and sewing (check Stack the Deck by Karla Alexander for the concept). Well, you can’t make one block and leave the other four combinations just sitting around!

a) a piece (or two) might get lost

b) you know they’re going to get wrinkly in whatever stack they are in

c) it just doesn’t seem fair to leave them undone

d) you’ll just never get back to that fabric combo–in lieu of other new fun combos

See what I mean. It’s killing me that I have several-many other fabrics I want to try in a block–which means four blocks. But I need to get back to some shoulds, so these will have to be all for now.



  1. I count six fabrics or am I hallucinating? Not that it matters. I can see the addiction. I have the same problem with hand quilting. I seriously cannot stop. I have stayed up all night, quilted for 24 hours straight, almost was late for work. You see. I still think it is a better addiction than drugs or alcohol. And hey I gave up smoking so I can be a stitchaholic.

  2. My Labor Day: Walk 7 miles, check. Weed along the sidewalk edges, check. Do too many loads of laundry to count, check. Rewire light switch in every different configuration possible before realizing that the damned bulb had burned out sometime during the process, check. Slice fingers open when hand slips on circuit breaker box, check. Get tetanus shot, check. Milk it for all it’s worth (and get Zanzibar chocolate ice cream in the process), check. Go to bed with a sore arm and hope tomorrow is a better day, check.

    I love that technique for making a quick quilt for a gift. Tammy was the first one to show it to me–and the first one I made lives in Italy with Annalisa!

  3. alobsiger said

    What you’re seeing is two sets of four–so I think there are eight fabrics all together. I couldn’t stop. Just like potato chips!

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