Ever feel like you’re getting nowhere?


Yeah, me too.

After creating this pile of disappointment, I get to supervise the counting of the contents of four bags of Dum Dums. Hmm, I wonder how long it will be before I’m doing the counting. And, no, you may not take the Dum Dums to school in one of the glass jars from Ikea. We have a new term, it’s called the “estimation bag.”


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  1. You’ll just have to coach her to start out [rubbing her chin thoughtfully], “In *my* estimation . . .” when she reports her/your findings at school. Heh!

    Those look a lot like the flower pieces from the Ruth B. McDowell-esque (apparently instructor was personally approved by Ruth) class I took, only much larger and with no little hash marks everywhere. That project ended up in my box full of “In-my-estimation-there’s-no-chance-I’ll-be-finishing-this-any-time-soon.”

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