Where HAVE you been?

Oh, wait, where have I been? Well, when you’re STILL working on a quilt project you’re not enjoying (but have to do anyway), you have nothing to report that is quilt-related or slightly entertaining. I haven’t even been doing any diversionary sewing to amuse myself. I have, however, been watching a lot of movies while sewing and in the evening. Last week’s list includes Rumor Has It, Come Early Morning, serial sections of Anne of Green Gables, Away from Her, The Secret Life of Words (I guess it was Sarah Polley/Julie Christie Week) and I’m Your Man (I can’t get Antony singing If It Be Your Will out of my head).

The only amusing anecdote from last week relates to dog-walking. The younger dog has a new policy when it comes to walks. Early last week, she lucked into finding and ingesting part of a powdered donut that was on the sidewalk. We had avoided this same donut the night before. The next day–after some heavy rains–we walked near it again and she managed to scoop it up and eat it. I say she was in cahoots with the other dog who served as a distractionary subterfuge. I’m not sure what the other dog got out of the deal. In any event, now the younger dog has a policy of “pick it up in your mouth and ask questions later.” See, once it’s in your mouth, you can decide if it’s food and then spit it out if it doesn’t fit the criteria (it’s a broad category, after all). So, while we walk, EVERYTHING gets picked up and assessed…you do know that it’s the season for the acorns to drop. And we live near a convenience store (where said donut was found in the first place), so that is a GREAT place to taste test things…bottle caps, wrappers, more acorns. She hasn’t found a single other thing that is edible. Thankfully, she does this while still walking so it doesn’t break our pace, and it makes me laugh out loud every time! Oh, and rest assured, I am making sure she doesn’t pick up anything that might injure her.


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  1. Hahahaha! Herbie used to have the exact same policy . . . . . . . only for him it was a little more specific. If it looked like poo, he’d pick it up quickly and then decide if he was a winner or not. So my policy became if it looked like poo, yank that choke chain! Same deal with all of the telephone poles, trees and fire hydrants. When he walks with me, he knows he doesn’t dare even look as though he’s going to sniff!

    Imagine if that’s how we chose fabrics, threads and yarn . . . . a quick taste . . . . hmmmm–deep and fruity red with a hint of spice!

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