Some things that are red

I’ve been enjoying a couple of new red things this week.

I’m very fond of Janet Bolton‘s work. After seeing this new book at Janet Clare’s site, Quiltmania whisked my order to me from France. It is the most beautiful quilt-related book I own.

And then there are new red shoes. I have a weakness for red shoes. I saw this pair at Leanne’s House. I resisted their call from Australia by way of eBay. And then I gave in. I was feeling a tad guilty (always with the shoes around here) until I put them on. Shall we say that I don’t own a more comfortable pair of shoes? They are light as a feather and very soft. The brand is Barani; the style is Jane.

Finally, while not a new thing, I bring you the miracle of the Starry Wind hibiscus. Plants spontaneously die when they see me. They weep when they are brought into my house. Somehow (watering, hey, there’s a novel idea), I managed to keep this beauty alive all summer. It was a gift from one of my daughter’s teachers at the end of last year. I knew I was supposed to take it with me. I avoided going back to get it only because I knew its fate–I didn’t want the death of such a beauty on my hands. One day, poor dear daughter had to schlep it home on the school bus. It was almost as tall as she was. Here it is the end of the summer and Starry Wind is still alive! Now I’ll be sad that I won’t get to see it over the winter. I’ll have to figure out if there is a way for me (!) to keep it for next spring.

Some red things that are not showing up around here are our Netflix movies. Methinks there is an equipment problem at the P.O. We recently got just the address flap portion of the mailer but no movie (I was sad, the movie was Blades of Glory). I’m sure this situation will resolve itself. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy my other red items.



  1. pam said

    Ohhh I love red shoes too. Those are wonderful! (uh, I’m thinking I might need to know brand name?)

  2. Violette said

    You can’t go wrong with red. I also have problems with netflix. I think the DVDs are too tempting for postal employees to resist stealing.

  3. Love the shoes and love those ankles! 😉 Nice capture on the flower. I think I need to spend some time studying Janet Bolton’s work. It’s amazing!

  4. I have a hibiscus in my yard that has survived me and two winters. Perhaps yours will be as hardy.

  5. Amy could you pass along to the other Mrs. Schmenckman that I am unable to leave comments. Unless that is intentional.

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