Not yet bifocals


A nurse friend informed me that 42 3/4 is the magic age for needing bifocals. She mentioned this just days before my 43rd birthday. I panicked. Then I had a few instances where things didn’t want to come into focus while I was at the sewing machine. But, hey, look at these! Single vision lenses! I passed the read-the-tiny-up-close-print test with flying colors. Take that, aging eyes! I’m not sure why the thought of bifocals bothered me so much. Probably something about how it’s only downhill from here.

Do you see the BRIGHT GREEN case? I felt like I was a kid again while I was waiting to see what the technician pulled out of the drawer of filled glasses orders. This is what went through my head: Oh, put the black glasses case back. No, those aren’t mine either, that’s an ugly case, put that back. Hey, would you take a look at who the bright green one belongs to? Yeah, that one, pick it up. YES!

What can I say? It’s the small things that keep me happy.



  1. pam said

    I was much closer to 50 when I got my bifocals. Rarely wear them but always have my ‘close up’ glasses on for sewing, reading, working. Its much better than squinting and wrinkling up my face. Love the case. I love lime green as well.

  2. I have had trifocals for years but they wanted to give me bifocals in high school. I put my foot down then. These trifocals do not look like it. They took a bit of getting used to but now there is no problem. I never got a bright green case though. Aren’t you lucky.

    Finding joy in the little, everyday things is the path to true happiness. (My interpretation of zen buddhism)

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