Dogs are clean, back to work

Here are some poorly photographed sashing options. I only have a little bit of the plaid for demonstration purposes (more can be acquired). This will be tough because the plaid will need careful cutting so that it is straight. It may drive me cuckoo, but I like the colors. I’m also not sure this will work with the scrappy border that will be added.


The hot pink with orange dots is hard to photograph. I like how “clean” it looks with the blocks. The scrappy border could be fun with this.

Here’s a tried and true favorite, red Roman glass. I think this one may be the winner. What do you think?




  1. pam said

    The last one is pretty, but seems so busy busy compared to that house. It’s hard to tell since each blocks seems so perfectly suited to the sashing. I like the plaid mostly because of the green and the cool calming effect, which might not be what you want. But still, I love that plaid and being lackidasical, I would cut it wonky and let the strips fall where they may.

    Can’t wait to see what you chose!

  2. alobsiger said

    As I move the houses around on the various sashes, the plaid seems to be winning. All of the houses seem “right at home” there. Some of the houses are having trouble on the other sash choices.

  3. alobsiger said

    and I think a couple of the houses need to move out and someone else needs to move in.

  4. I vote for the plaid also.

  5. alobsiger said

    DH voted for the red Roman glass.

  6. I’m like-a the plaid. Okay, AND the Roman glass. Sorry. No help from my split personality yet again!

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