Gathering papers, checking reservations, cleaning up the iPod’s holdings (buying a new AC adaptor), downloading new audio books, nursing a blister (oh, Vanity, thy name is cute shoes…), preparing an applique project. That’s what’s going on around here before heading out to quilt market. Not much compared to all of the designers and fabric people and notions people and…yeah, I’m not doing much but getting more and more excited. I can’t wait. I will have to help get some of the other family members ready to go on a separate plane trip. And clean the house so the dog sitter doesn’t have to wonder if I ever clean the house. I’ll blame the dogs.

How could I blame anything on this:


I did spend a little time this morning playing with a new thing.


This is great fun and very well done! Since we are Mac people, we have to emulate the Windows environment in order to work the quilty software. I always feel like an alien landing in another world. I manage to get past that so I can play for a while on Planet Electric Quilt. All right, those fabric lollypop circles aren’t going to gather themselves!



  1. Have fun. I will be here being jealous.

  2. pam said

    See you there!

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