It’s crazy, I tell ya


The Friday night before Quilt Market officially opens includes a unique experience called sample spree. Here are a few of my new friends…they’re all friends, I’m sure, because we shared so much personal space for about two hours beforehand. The above picture is actually near the FRONT of the line. I haven’t been to gobs of quilt markets, but I’ve never been in line this early and I’ve never seen so many people staying so long. I pooped out by about 9:40. The Moda table was still fogged in with people. I don’t think I ever got within three people of the actual table.

I did manage to find lots of other treasures. Somehow I managed to stalk people. They were so sweet about it. What fantastic new fabrics they have with Marcus! AND, they are coming out with patterns!

Earlier in the day, I attended several schoolhouse sessions in which designers, authors and other quilting professionals present information on a variety of topics. It has made me slightly more philosophical about the quilting industry. It’s all still working its way around my brain. I think it has stalled for the night, however, due to the tiredness that overtook me as soon as I sat down in the hotel. Probably a good thing for now.

I think that’s it for now. The lure of the overflowing totebags AND a House episode I somehow missed are calling (how did THAT happen??). Oh, yes, and sleeeeeep.


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