Tool notes

An update of sorts on the previously mentioned Karisma pencil. It appears that this product will be available more widely as a product from Bohin. Watch for it at stores in the U.S. or ask if your LQS can order from their distributor of choice. I’m sure it will be less expensive than sending away for it from France, but I still don’t think it’s any better or worse than a regular mechanical pencil.

And, talk about fine cutlery: In the “luxury tools” category, Gingher has come out with a rotary cutter. My, is it ever handsome. I believe I noticed that the suggested retail price is $69.95. I think it would be a good holiday gift for the man in your life. Strangely, it would find its way to your sewing room shortly after the holidays…how would that happen??



  1. Holy-Schmoley! If that ain’t the Mercedes Benz of rotary cutters! Whoooo!

  2. That price is ridiculous. I don’t live a Mercedes Benz life. I am very happy with my pretty, flowery one.

  3. pam said

    Bummer, I didn’t see this. Didn’t end up seeing a lot of stuff. BUT I DID SEE YOU!!!! I am so bummed I managed to leave my camera battery in the room. What a dork. I wanted a photo with all my fav bloggers. Love the shoes even more now in person and totally need to score those if possible. Hope you found intersting items to bring back! Will you be in Portland?

    Tried to leave a comment from my Sidekick3 but wordpress didn’t like it. Anyway, enjoyed meeting you!

  4. Kathryn Herrmann said

    Wow! It looks eerily similar to the Sub-Zero fridge I covet! According to the write up on their website, it has a “brilliant and durable nickel finish. Includes one (1) non-stick, razor sharp rotary blade. Hang-hole in handle for storage or adding your own signature “tag”. Comes in it’s own storage tin with lid.

    Now I’m wondering if my yellow plastic, self-closing Olfa has a “non-stick, razor sharp rotary blade”. Non-stick?

  5. alobsiger said

    Maybe non stick in case we want to bake a mini muffin on it?

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