Such a treat


I didn’t buy a copy of Amy Butler’s new book when she was signing copies at quilt market. It’s a big book and I was literally weighing the options…am I already overweight on my luggage? will my shoulder accomodate another big item in my totebag? As soon as I saw that I was almost 10 pounds UNDER the luggage weight limit, I kicked myself for not getting a copy. I decided to pick up a copy at Borders yesterday. And, thank you, Borders, along came an email coupon for 30% off one item.

It is readily apparent that I don’t usually read homestyle/lifestyle type books, but I love this book. It seems so much more do-able than I would have expected. Her home’s style has a very simple but rich (not $$$) appeal. The overall appearance is a homey sleekness in which you can tell the details are very important. I also like the re-use and recycle message as well as the ideas for using her lovely fabrics all over the house.

Maybe this will help inspire some Midwest Modern touches around this place. Hmm, I believe the dogs are in tune with this aesthetic–they have a decidedly kinetic approach to couch cushion re-arrangement.



  1. I love, love, love this book! I bought it for my library and it’s actually in a pile next to me to finish cataloging. Ooops. Did I just admit that I’m at work and supposed to be cataloging? Shhhhhh! Don’t tell the boss! Oh, wait! Heh. It’s good to be the boss!

  2. There was a section in Fassett’s new book on her. Is this just a home decor book or does it have quilting in it as well?

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