Ruffles and the great sweatshirt miracle

I guess there won’t be a full quilt market report. My head still seems to be processing it (much like rainbow wheel on my dying laptop, I’m guessing). So I guess I’ll just report in as things occur to me. One person who is always a delight and has such an eye for detail and impeccable workmanship is the tiny ball of energy known as Kay Whitt from Serendipity Studio. I have never seen crispier ruffles in all my born days. I wholeheartedly agree that Kay needs a kick back from Bernina for all the rufflers she has certainly caused to be bought. I plan to buy one very soon so I can have crispy, even ruffles too.

But, what this woman has done with a sweatshirt…be still my heart. Go take a look at the Serafina and Josephine jackets from Kay’s Boutique Chic line. I tell you what, these sweatshirts are whipped into shape and never knew what hit them! Definitely chic! I love Kay’s new skirts and bags too. Very up to date, shapely and nicely detailed.

I never knew ruffles and a sweatshirt could be so inspirational, but leave it to Kay to show us the way!


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  1. pam said

    Elizabeth bought some of those patterns as well. I noticed the ruffler foot was making a huge statement around market this time. I really really really love mine and want to ruffle fabric and paper and anything else that will lay flat to do it.

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