Miss Suzie and I are going to take an aspirin

“We” have a day off of school. It should make for a lower voter turnout rate, I would think. Who wants to go out on a cold, blustery day with kids in tow to vote in local elections? Well, we did our civic duty early this morning. And then a school friend arrived for the day. Another one is on the way shortly. I think we are officially wound up and operating at full volume. Thank goodness we know all the words to “Miss Suzie” and have been practicing it all over the house. At full volume. At least they are still getting along.

Ahem. What have I been doing to pass the time? There was a long, addictive session with FabricMatcher. Another fun way to play with color without having to cut into anything. And, today’s mail brought Designing by Thread: The Basics, a video class by Terry White.  It’s a great beginner session on free motion machine embroidery. I found that Terry also has great videos on YouTube. I don’t have an interest in having an embroidery machine, but I like the idea of incorporating some free motion embroidery into a project. Let’s see what happens.

The Red Heart Yarn Hook-up was working today as well. I’ve become the yarn connection for my granny. She doesn’t get out much these days and dear old Walmart doesn’t carry grenadine OR light seafoam. The nerve. So, we have our middleman, Joann Fabrics, do all the work of shipping out to Dear Granny. We have to keep Granny in yarn. Gee, I do wonder where this fiber acquisition gene comes from?

Oh, and on the sugar cream pie front, the Official Pie of the State of Indiana is coming to Michigan. This pie shall come complete with homemade crust (did I mention I don’t make crust?). And there will be two pies, requiring me to clear the freezer of some of the delicious cinnamon swirl bread from the same baker. I know, it’s a terrible weight but I will try to bear it. Does it get any better, my mom is coming for a visit under the auspices of babysitting next weekend AND she’s bringing pie!



  1. We LOVE moms who bring pies! Every time my mom visited us, she’d make a large batch of pies *and* pie crusts, which would be tucked away in the freezer. I mastered making her old-fashioned pie crust while she was still aware enough to help me. I’m really glad I did! Someday I’m going to be “That Mom.”

    Voting today was wonderfully dramatic. We are no longer restricted to a single polling place, so it was a test of the computer systems. Welllllllll . . . . . they didn’t think to give poll workers full access to the voter registration database, so if you didn’t bring the little postcard they mailed you (which they said you didn’t have to bring with you), it was a pain. (“No, I cannot go home and get the card because I threw it out!”) I put up with it because I *really* needed my vote to count!

  2. That video was great. How do you find those things? Do you just go to YouTube and search?

    I don’t make pie crust either. I used to but now I let the doughboy do it for me. Unless it is a flavored crust or something.

  3. […] had a wonderful visit with my mom. She brought the aforementioned sugar cream pies. Hmm, still not quite right. This one may have too much vanilla flavor. I’ll have to continue […]

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