Airing of grievances

To start the Festivus season: I wonder if the quilting magazines are making the most of their “web extras?” It’s a wonderful use of technology and, I think, would make people think they’re getting their money’s worth when the mags offer additional patterns and so forth on their web sites. Howeva, why is it that when I visit their sites shortly after the magazine’s appearance on the newsstand, there is no such content YET. Not to blame any publication in particular, because I think it’s happened (for me) with them all, but some free projects mentioned in Quilts and More are still not at I’ve had the issue for a week. I can be patient, but I’m also forgetful. Why do I have to keep checking back? If the magazine has a deadline, why can’t the web site readiness have a deadline that approximates the timing of the magazine’s appearance on the newsstand? Maybe because it’s free, we get what we get when we get it. Don’t make me write a post-it note to remind myself! We will say nothing of the advertising on the site that moves the page content up and down and up and down and up and down. Maybe it’s just me and my Mac and Safari. And if this is the only grievance I can think of, I’m doing really, really well, aren’t I?!


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  1. I am sure they do it so people will purchase the mag and not just get the free stuff online. After all if what you want is free then why spend the money.

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