Brain freeze

It’s one of those days that luxuriated out in front of me…nowhere I HAVE to go, nothing I HAVE to do (although I did rake in time to have the leaf sucker suck my leaves…and the next door neighbor’s, I’m so nice). And so I’ve frittered it away. I’m trying to plan a project with the new Carla Miller stuff (so pretty!) and I keep changing my mind and I’m not able to visualize fabric placement.

I blame Gymboree. They and Akamai were clearly not prepared when they sent out their 30% off everything email. I JUST WANTED TO ORDER UNDERPANTS. I couldn’t keep the underpants in my shopping cart. And then I would have duplicate underpants. And then the price went down on some of the underpants. And then the size was no longer available (IT WAS A MINUTE AGO). And then my session timed out although I had been continually doing something (trying to keep my underpants in my shopping cart) the whole time. And then errors and then the s l o w n e s s. And then more removal of underpants from my shopping cart. So I tried to call them. Of course not, put the phone down, the line will obviously be busy. And then I redialed and tried to put underpants in my shopping cart. On probably the fifth redial, something happened to my phone and I couldn’t hang it up. Crabby? Ya think? So then I got out the cell phone and called myself and, thankfully, that cleared the line. And then I tried Firefox instead of Safari. At that point, I think traffic eased up slightly and I could keep some of my underpants in the shopping cart. When I had four pair in my cart, I cut and ran. And then I ordered two of two pairs just so I would make the experience worthwhile. I would have ordered some undershirts, but I didn’t want to lose my underpants this late in the game. So, the kid isn’t getting any skull and crossbones underpants either. I had them in my cart several times but then they ran out of her size (they were probably all in my ghost cart). There was no absolute necessity to this. I just like Gymboree’s underpants when they’re on sale and I was buying the largest size they carry so we would have them for future wearing (although, you tell me, will we be wanting to wear ballet bunny underpants in size 8-10?) (oh, she’ll wear them, all right). And after several attempts, it was all principle and I HAD TO ORDER UNDERPANTS, by hook or by crook. MY KID IS GETTING UNDERPANTS.

And then the day just went to hell.

Did you know that Celestial Seasonings now has chai? You probably already knew that. This whining category is getting a little top heavy. I’ll try to rectify that tomorrow….



  1. pam said

    Why is just the reading of the word “UNDERPANTS” so totally cracking me up.

    Safari is your pennance for not loving INTERNET EXPLORER. It start with underpants and ends who the heck knows where. (she says typing gleefully away on her pc on IE… bwhahhhhhh)

  2. I knew they had Chai but I can’t find ginseng energy anymore. And now I can’t find Bigelow peach tea. Farmer Jack always had it but we know what happened to them. Christ it is getting like the Soviet Union. Most of the food at Kroger is the store brand. No choice anymore.

    I never bought underpants online but did you know that on ebay you can buy used underwear. I am not kidding. My husband found that out. I still don’t know what he was looking for originally. The word underpants is funny but I hate the word panties for some reason. I am sure Freud would be able to make something out of that.

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