Turning over a new leaf


Don’t worry! No whining today. In the interest of making amends for the recent spate of whining, I’m having a little giveaway. My current fabric crush is Carla Miller’s Shine fabric. Any difficulty I’ve had in trying to plan a project with it is just that I love all of the colors and kept changing my mind. Well, I’m now making a Carpenter’s Star in the plum colorway.

I’d like to share the Shine love with a little pack of quarter yards of six fabrics with the feature fabrics from the pink colorway.


Oooh, ahhhh, pretty. Just leave a comment-the whinier the better-by 11:59 pm EST on Monday, November 12, 2007, and I’ll draw a winner for this cheer-inducing pack of fabric.


  1. Camille said

    A contest- how fun! We must be on the same page- I started a contest today too! This fabric is so fun- I think the carpenter star will be great out of it! I made that pattern out of Freshcut a while back, and I love it! No whining from me today, because I finished a new design and it’s shop hop (hooray!) but I’m sure my kids could give you a double dose after we traipse around every quilt store in Vegas this afternoon! 🙂

  2. Hedgehog said

    Sorry – no whining here – just a comment to say – how beauitful – and how generous!

  3. WOW! I love your taste in fabric! I’m going whine because you have it and I don’t…LOL

    With friendship,

  4. I’m in! You know I love you best . . . . even though I think I caught the whine bug from you yesterday. ACHOOOOO—why can’t these kids ever clean up after themselves?!!!

  5. I never win anything. I had five tickets for this gorgeous quilt from a quilt shop in Davison and I sat by my telephone on Halloween and IT DID NOT RING. Is that whiny enough?

    I just put up photos of my recent vintage acquisitions in case you are interested. I am so fortunate to be part of an antique shop.

    By the way what are blogs for if not to whine? We all know our families are tired of listening to us.

  6. Samantha said

    A whiny comment from a new reader here: wah. my whole family got felled by a stomach virus this week, and I didn’t get to sew AT ALL.

  7. Violette said

    I am in a lot of pain today after spending the past 2 days at a quilt show in Chicago; cannot do anything but sit at home. It wasn’t easy coz I have a collapsed lumbar spine. How is that for whining?

  8. Jean-o said

    Love the fabric… I’m a new reader too… but you know I think I’ve got it! I was so busy yesterday (on my birthday) that I didn’t get to sew!!!! And I forgot to open my birthday present from my parents!!!!! How pathetic is that? Dishes to do, I had to babysit (although it was for my grandson…. can’t complain too much there!) and I pretty much spent the rest of the day all by myself!

  9. Anne said

    Sorry I can’t offer up a whine right now (life’s too short) but I am sure I could could come up with something to get my hands on that gorgeous fabric!!

  10. Paula said

    The fabric is terribly inspirational and yummy, but I don’t have any like it…and would love to create something fun and cheery with it! Happy Whiny Day!


  11. pam said

    A world without whining is a world I don’t want to live in!

  12. Sandy said

    Wow!! Those are BEAUTIFUL fabrics! Nothing to whine about here.

  13. Nancy said

    LOVE those fabrics and if I don’t win I’m not only going to whine, I’m going to pout!

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