Shoes and fabric, what’s not to love?

While I was at quilt market, I ran into my shoes in one of the schoolhouse sessions. I believe I may have mentioned that I have a problem with shoes. You didn’t know? In any event, I went to the session and saw a lady wearing the same shoes I had on. I hadn’t ever seen them live and in person on anyone else…not that they’re that exotic. We kept running into each other over the course of the next two days. We would say hello and check on our shoes (mine were packed away because they were bothering some blisters from some other shoes that shall not be named).

Well, today, a co-worker was telling me about a great quilt shop at which she stopped recently on her way to Chicago. From her description, it sounded like my kind of place. I went to the store’s web site and who should be smiling out at me but the Shoe Lady! I knew I liked her! I’ll have to drop her an email and say hello and see if her shoes are OK.


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  1. pam said

    So last week I ran into Alex Anderson wearing some darling shoes. Lime green! She notices me noticing them and she says THESE ARE THE SHOES I WAS TELLING YOU ABOUT.. and then she slips them off and they’re YOUR BRAND.

    Its a small world my friend. Small and filled with shoes.

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