Thank you, thank you very much

We had a wonderful visit with my mom. She brought the aforementioned sugar cream pies. Hmm, still not quite right. This one may have too much vanilla flavor. I’ll have to continue my research. I have many versions to try…but probably not until after the holidays. I think there will be enough sweet temptations in the near future.

Spoil-sport that I am, I decided we weren’t going to the casino on her visit. So, we did a bit of shopping. I kind of wish I hadn’t gone into H&M…danger, danger. And, my mom asked my daughter what one place she should see while she was in town. Dear daughter said Target. Yes, Mom doesn’t have the ever-exotic Target near her. So we had to go. It’s a sad day when a person has to leave her state to get Solo cups.

While Mom was here, something lovely arrived:


Say it with me, “oooooh, aaaaaah.” Pretty, isn’t it?! I was a winner over at Linda Lum DeBono’s blog. These beauti-mous fat quarters are from her Funky Flowers line from Henry Glass. I plan to put these to good use…maybe using a pattern from Linda’s Cool Girls Quilt book. So fun! Thanks so much, Linda!!

During Mom’s visit, there was no sewing to speak of. It skips a generation in our family. So, I need to get back to the machine. But, um, I hope I didn’t “clean” away any important piles in the sewing room At some point in “cleaning” mode, I picked up piles and just put them in boxes. I’m sure I’ll be mad at myself sometime soon for doing this. Still, here is my mom’s comment about my sewing room: “It looks like a store in here.” Is that a compliment? I guess she could have said it looks like a colorful garbage dump in here.


  1. I have had people tell me my studio looks like a store as well. They are not quilters obviously. Quilting skips a generation in my family also. My grandmother quilted up a storm and I have a couple of her quilts but my mom was using one of them for a mattress cover when I was a child. I rescued it. For my grandmother it was a necessity – she had ten kids during the Depression. I can’t get my daughter interested in quilting although she does make clothes occasionally.

    Lucky you with the fabric.

  2. See, your own fabric giveaway went full circle! LOL!

    Love those fabrics…especially the pink and green stripe on white…oh and of course the polka dots!

    Congrats to you!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    With friendship,

  3. artsyfartsyquilts said

    Yummy! Why haven’t I ever seen those fabulous fabrics before? I need to catch up! Happy Turkey Day, Mrs. S!

  4. Joanna said

    Oh yes this fabric is GORGEOUS with not only a capital G but a capital everything! What a wonderful thing to come home too!!

  5. Joanna said

    Ok that was horrible grammar! Of course I meant to, not too! And I re-read the post and it wasn’t something you came home to! But oh well, great mail is great mail no matter what!!

  6. Jean-o said

    I used to work at Hancock Fabrics off and on for years. My husband used to tell people that I had my own fabric store! Some who were not in the know of his sense of humor… thought he meant it! So, now I just tell my girls and some of my sis/in/laws to come shop at my house b/4 they go shop anywhere else. It’s always nice to be able to rotate the older fabric stash. Although, not to many do it ‘cept my daughters. And my prices are soooo reasonable! Oh well, more for me! I don’t think my mom quite understands either, she used to sew some clothes but not quilts. Now, she doesn’t even own a machine…. such a travesty!
    Love the fabric!

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