So this is what happens on Saturdays

I usually work all day on Saturdays. Today I have the day off and am finding out how things operate on Saturdays around here. Interesting. I think I’ll keep my day job. The leaf sucking trucks were making their rounds. Oh, please, Mr. Neighbor, please move your van off our leaves that have been sitting out front for a week. And thank you. Then the phone company arrives and parks on the leaves. We have been without a land line since Tuesday. Usually I wouldn’t mind. I hate the phone. But Thanksgiving greetings were brief and distant via the cell phone…which I hate more than the regular phone. Please, sir, could you park in our driveway, here come the leaf suckers? And thank you. During the course of these minor transactions, the little dog is wandering in and out of the dog crates throwing up. Could you please limit your vomiting to one crate? Lucky girl, I get to clean it up and do more doggy laundry. At least I had the sense not to turn the stove on for the oatmeal until after all of this was taken care of. Late breakfast is better than burned up kitchen.

On the other hand, with a day off, we are going to the re-opening of this.  Just us and thousands of our friends… Maybe the phone will work when we get back. Have a good Saturday!

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  1. pam said

    I’ve had days like that. We have two dogs.

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