It’s a one-room schoolhouse


Dear daughter’s teacher is expecting a baby in the spring. I don’t have a great track record when it comes to baby quilts.  So this block testing is happening way ahead of the game for me. Wouldn’t a schoolhouse quilt be fun? The pattern is Village Square from Fig Tree QuiltsHouses book. Yes, I love that book. There are 25 kids in the class, so if I knock out three corners of feature fabric and build three more houses, this pattern will work. I’m thinking that at some point, I will have the kids sign their names. Yes, wouldn’t it be cute if they also drew themselves in one of the window squares. Would you like to wrangle that for me??? I’m not sure I can handle that. That might be overly ambitious for someone who can’t finish baby quilts.

The block in the picture is just a test…although maybe it will end up in a holiday gift for the teacher…oooh, four schoolhouse blocks turned into a pillow. But I digress. For the feature fabric of the baby quilt, I think I’ll use the Kaffe targets fabric on the left of the picture, base my schoolhouse colors on that and use an off-white background.

The schoolhouse blocks are 6 1/2″ square–diminutive! I imagine that these are one-room schoolhouses. So cute!

You might think I have all of my holiday shopping/gift making done since I’m thinking so hard about something that doesn’t need to be done until spring. You would be so wrong. This is called avoidance.

And, with that, I really should be working on something that needs to be done for February.



  1. Jean-o said

    Love the idea about having the kids draw themselves… except for the not so artistic ones (that was me as a kid). But what if instead you wrote their names in windows? That way it would still accomplish what you want… you could give them little pieces and tell them to write their names with in the borders. Maybe your daughter could pass them out an envelope with details and material blocks and have them send them back to you with the idea that if you don’t get all of the names back you will write their names yourself.
    Good for you starting early, I’m the same way! Good luck!

  2. Camille said

    That is such a great idea! What a lucky teacher (lets hope she doesn’t know about your blog!)

  3. Hmmm, I don’t know, Mrs. Schmenkman, this could end badly, or worse, unfinished.

    The quilt is a lovely idea and the pattern great. That colorway of Kaffe’s Target fabric rules! Involving all of the kids in the class and getting consistant response and participation will be the traffic jam. Is there a class picture? That would be a good resource for photo printing your windows.

    P.S. There’s a sale at on selected Kaffe fabric.

  4. pam said

    Just reading about a class quilts makes me alternately shudder in fear and then feel that wave of relief as I remember my daughter is grown up. Good luck.

    Darling block though!

  5. When Sarah was in third grade I was a room mother. We had the kids color (with permanent crayons) muslin squares however they wanted. The other room mother and I put them all together with sashing and borders and then had the kids tie the quilt. It hung up for awhile until the fire department decided it was flammable. I have no idea what eventually happened to it. I think your idea is much better.

  6. samantha said

    This is a really wonderful baby quilt idea- esp with the Kaffe targets!

  7. […] been playing along, you might recall a not-overly-grandiose plan back in November to construct a baby quilt with 25 six inch schoolhouse blocks for dear daughter’s teacher. It was a fine idea which, had I started sewing a few blocks at a […]

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