Feathering my nest


Feather quilting has eluded me. But, now* I have Patsy Thompson who showed me how to do freeform feathers. Yee-ha! I love you, Patsy! Yes, and, ahem, not one to really practice before slapping some feathers on a SHOP SAMPLE, I marked a spine and sewed some feathers on a shop sample. It’s not that I am that confident in my abilities. Trust me. I am just a lazy girl. In the case of moderate to massive stitching malfeasance, we have a seam ripper and we go back to known quantities of stitching. Sometimes the feathers don’t look like they’re coming from a spine. Well, I’ll just watch that when I do another round of feathers around the outside of this SHOP SAMPLE. Caution: Feather quilting is highly addictive!

I can’t recommend Patsy’s DVD highly enough!

*Leave us not mention how many months I owned this DVD before actually watching this DVD. I was eh-scared of feathers. 



  1. pam said

    It looks good and your stitches are so nice and uniform! Nice work!

  2. I took a machine quilting class last year to learn machine feathers. We just did the basic feathered wreath. These little videos have opened up a whole new world of feathers. I can’t wait to try.

  3. Beautiful feather! You are doing great…can’t wait to see the whole piece!

  4. Isn’t Patsy’s DVD jsut WONDERFUL! was in fear of feather before that, too. Now they’re my favourite thing to doodle. Haven’t worked up the courage to do more than practice yet, but I’ll be doing them on a real quilt soon!

    Yours are looking lovely – well done!

  5. I LOVE your feather! I love how it’s free and liberated, and a little bit of whimsey and rebellion too. I just love it!

  6. Cyndi said

    WOW! Okay – so now I need to go get this DVD. Such beautiful quilting.

  7. Suzan said

    I had been on the fence about purchasing Patsy’s DVD – you made up my mind for me! The feather looks terrific. Thanks!!

  8. Hi! I got MANY new viewers looking at my website today from your website, so I HAD to find out who Mrs. Schmenkman was and I found your marvelous website! Oh my gosh, your feathers are perfect! You’ve got that lucious curve of the plume down to a tea! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to read of someone learning feathers because they are such a total blast to stitch! You go, girl and keep posting!

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