Broken record


While not wanting to bore you to tears, I bring you more feathers. And only because I can’t believe HOW MUCH FUN they are. I was held back so long by my fear of The Feather. Of course, just like riding a roller coaster, I felt like I was doing feather quilting while I tried to get to sleep last night. I’m a little sad that this quilt is all quilted. Somehow putting on the binding doesn’t sound nearly as much fun as feather quilting. If I can get a good picture when the quilt is hanging, I’ll bore you a little more with this quilt and its feathers. Sure was a fun way to jazz up some pointy stars and snowball blocks! Hmm, looks like this quilt needs a good spritzing to get rid of marking pen marks too…



  1. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    We can has more details? Thread? Music? Chocolate fuel?

  2. twolimeleaves said

    I’m not bored yet! They are SPECTACULAR feathers and I would be crowing about them too šŸ˜€

  3. Camille said

    They look amazing! I am still scared of the feather, but this ALMOST makes me want to give a shot….

  4. pam said

    So you’re doing all over feathers? And they’re easy? Yeah, I’ll be writing this dvd name down. Can’t wiat to see the whole quilt.

  5. Very lovely. I am now thinking of doing feathers in the border of my lone star quilt.

  6. Rhondi said

    Your feathers are beautiful. I still have no confidence in my machine quilting and don’t like it at all. Reading that you say you like it gives me hope that perhaps when I get more proficient I will like it too.

  7. nradbill said

    Wonderful feathers. We all wish we could make them look so even

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