From the sublime to the sugar-crazed

Did you know about these?



Notice the coffee cup standing at the ready for enjoying either (or both, who am I kidding?) of the above confections. I may not have to bake anything this holiday season! I know I don’t need any more sugar-ified goodies in the house.  I’m sure that either of these also goes well with antibiotics, AND shopping at TJ’s helps to pass the time while waiting for the pharmacy to fill the prescription. Merry Nasopharyngeal Infection to you too! I only went in to Trader Joe’s for milk and broccoli…neither of which they had. Oops!


I know I promised a good picture of the feathered quilt, but this is the best I could do. Too much light at the top, too little light at the bottom. But there she is. I must also tell you about, I’m sure many of you know this, the WONDER that is quilting on Moda wovens. I know they seem so thin, but when they are quilted up…oh my, a quilter’s heart goes pitter patter with the beautiful stitch definition.

And something got quilted and should get its binding on during dance class this evening (I know, I can dance AND sew on binding, amazing!).  I was planning to get so much more done today, but the doctor’s office and now my sugar coma have prevented additional progress on anything. Speaking of sugar comas, who else saw the Iron Chef America Battle Sugar? Well, I would link to it, but the wind seems to keep Comcast from sending me my internets.  I felt a little sick after watching all that sweetness.

There’s still time to comment to win:




  1. The quilting is beautiful. Sorry you are feeling under the weather. Bad time of year fot it. Get well soon.

  2. Your feathers came out great!

  3. Lisa D. said

    That quilt out of the Shangri-La fabrics is just scrumptious! I love the quilting!

  4. pam said

    I am completely WILD over the quilting on that quilt! Well the quilt as well. And the cookies look scruptious and much better than broccoli. You’re like a quilting genius.

  5. Mar said

    Your feathers are beautiful! the joe’s goodies are so tempting, makes me wanna run right out and get some.

  6. Jan said

    What lovely quilting…….

  7. Camille said

    Hooray for Shangi-la, I CANNOT get enough of it! Your quilting looks amazing too!

  8. Camille said

    oops, Shangri-la. Don’t you love it when people don’t proofread their comments? 🙂

  9. Sherry said

    I’m getting dressed so I can go to Trader Joe’s. Yum. Those Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s look great. Love your feather quilting too.

  10. Jean-o said

    O.K. I’m with you! Where is Trader Joe’s? Anything with peppermint/mint is my hook! I once made chocolate chip cookies w/Mint M & M’s cause I couldn’t find the mint chocolate chips anymore! Why don’t they make them anymore??????? The colors in your quilt are great! And if you ask me the darker part at the bottom shows the quilting job better! Makes it easier to see for us…. (ahem…. that are harder of sight!)

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