Twas the the night before the return to school

Which is more wearing on a person (who is not very prepared for Christmas): a colossol dump of snow or a snow day? Yeah, I don’t know either, but a combination of the two has me exhaustipated. But, good news, people, they plowed the bus stop! They haven’t plowed the bus stop in the three years we’ve been renting a space there. Funny, the bus stop was plowed, but the children were nestled all snug in their beds resting up to drive their parents crazy today.

So, in my charming holiday spirit, we did several festive things today. Jo-Ann’s, Target and Michael’s! We were undaunted by the snow mountains newly appearing in shopping center parking lots. Hey, those would be good for sledding! Come on, it was only about 7-8 inches of snow (wait, my armpit muscles say don’t forget about the blowing and drifting), we were out milling around yesterday. Something about work and a hair cut with some Christmas shopping squeezed in for good measure. Those are muy importante!

And I would like to further thank Trader Joe’s for carrying this relaxing product for our entertainment today:


A kit and a couple of cans of frosting-spray and we were ready for festive-ness. It was not long, drawn out and painful. That is all I can ask from some activities.

For example, cleaning up after this:


What you see is the main path of the storm. The bottom half of our tree was stripped of ALL of its ornaments by a freak storm called Pixie. This must be what happens when good dogs get bored and see something they think they can reach. She had been so reliable. Now she gets crated just like everybody else. I can show you this now because there appears to be nothing lodged in her digestive tract (although I’m sure her IQ will go down when she is tested next…all that lead paint on the ornments?)

Whew. Sewing? Maybe. Some day soon?


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