It all started with buttock

Do you remember the puffball schoolhouses and the text-y background fabric from here? This was going to be a gift for the teacher but then the teacher doesn’t accept gifts, so I was going to finish it to make a pillow for the rocking chair in the classroom. Well, then tonight I was basting it so’s I could quilt it and I started reading the text. Oh, ha ha ha, there’s “buttock.” The kids will be amused by that.

Oh, there’s another “buttock” and another. Hmm. Maybe I better read some of this. So, it turns out that there are references to The Pillowman, a play by Martin McDonagh about, among other things, a string of child murders. There are also references to Ring of Fire: The Emile Griffith Story, a documentary dealing with the first live telecast of a boxing match in which a boxer is killed. Those are the highlights.

I googled some of the other text and it turns out this is a very pithy piece of fabric. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the subject matter.  But I don’t think it’s appropriate as part of a pillow in an elementary school classroom. If it just stuck with “buttock,” I would be all for it!



  1. pam said

    OHMYGOD. That is seriously cracking me up. And what a unusual subject matter for a piece of fabric. I guess it’s better to have realized it before you took it to school though. (although looking back, maybe not)

  2. The Other Mrs. Schmenkman said

    Heh-heh! You read “buttock!”

  3. Where did this fabric come from? The bookstore?

  4. Mar said

    how bizarre, who manufactured that ?

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