I’ve had too much sugar

I hope you and yours enjoyed a great Christmas. We returned from sunny Indiana (back to grey Michigan) with one less child. Since we only have one child, there are currently no children in the house. Granny and dear daughter are thick as thieves, so they’ll be spending the rest of the holiday break together. I’m not sure even Granny can break through the American Girl/Playmobil fog that has set in. When did 1974 become historic anyway?
Here’s a little antidote to too much anise candy and Christmas cookies. Yes, you may just apply directly to your thighs. I do.


2 – 8 oz. lite cream cheese (practically dietetic, this stuff)

2/3 cup chopped olives

2 tbsp. prepared horseradish (not the sauce)

1/2 cup grated parmesan

Ooooh, very tasty with stone ground wheat crackers.

I hope to return to sewing very soon. I miss my sewing machine and have lots of projects piling up. In the meantime, I think the painting is done but there is toting of barges and lifting of bolts to replace it. Speaking of which, I’d best slurgle the rest of my coffee and get with it.



  1. Karen said

    I’m not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but I have to say….. I love reading it and check it frequently to see what new project you’re working on! The “apply directly to your thighs” spread sounds yummy…. do you use green or black olives?

  2. pam said

    Toting? Lifting? Was there a wonderful Christmas bonus?

    Happy child-free days, they’re always a treat as I remember. Now child-days are a treat. For the most part. If you don’t mind debris around your house, and not playmobile debris.

    Sounds like your Christmas was fun. Can’t wait to sew myself.

  3. Cyndi said

    Sounds delicious! I’m on caloric overload these days as my first step on the scale indicated this morning… HAH! What’s one more cracker?

  4. I told you it was historic a while back on my blog. Makes me feel terribly old and to think I could live to see the American Girl of 1994. That is frightening.

    I am sick of chocolate. I went into a chocolate making frenzy over the weekend and I can’t bear the sight anymore. I had to taste and make sure all was right. I don’t need Godiva anymore.

    Hope you had great holidays. One of my New Years plans (I don’t make resolutions) is to get into the shop soon.

  5. sterby said

    Gosh, I logged onto the American Girl site and found out that Abby was one of the older dolls! That’s what I get for having a 25 year old daughter! As for the Playmobil, I still collect it and secretly hoard it in anticipation of grandchildren!

    Santa was good to me and somehow knew I wanted 104 spools of DMC Machine Embroidery thread for hand applique use! I was a very good girl this year.

  6. Why does Indiana get to have sunshine?

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