Wait, what happened to 2007?

Where does the time go? I’m not much of a looker-backer. I’m more of an I’m-just-trying-to-keep-upper. I’m also not much of a resolver. I think for 2008, I’ll just keep trying to do a little better at everything each day. I think I’ll also try to expand my horizons. The run up to 2008 will be quiet and that’s the way I like it. Perhaps a little good food (good food = cooked by someone else), perhaps some (HD!) TV (can’t get enough of Law & Order marathons), and hopefully some sewing since I don’t have my block of the month for January done. Festive, no?

Here is something that is festive:


A blog contest win from the nice folks at Michael Miller Fabrics! Oh, thank you, Kathy! How did she know I have a gingham fetish? Both the Ruffle Rac and Bias Trim come in loads of gingham and pindot colors. Fun, fun!

Let’s see, what else was I going to tell you? One thing is a great book from 1998, 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts by Judy Hopkins & Nancy J. Martin. I found it at a used book store recently. I don’t know how I missed this book–chock full (well, with 101, to be exact) of GREAT patterns! I know I have many of these patterns in other books, but I love that they are all in one juicy book that is great to curl up with on a winter’s night.

Finally, in the “you snooze, you lose” department, we have a longstanding household tradition of a Boston terrier calendar for the kitchen. We don’t buy them until after Christmas, of course (part of the tradition, no doubt). How could Borders sell out of Boston terrier calendars? Of course, if you had spent any portion of the holiday season cleaning up Christmas ornaments destroyed by a Boston terrier (let alone three separate occasions; what is up with that and how did she get so far up the tree?), followed by searching out and paying FULL PRICE for replacements of a couple of favorites (thank you, eBay), you might not care if these dear little dogs stared down on your meal preparation for the year. But still, they are awfully cute. Instead, this is what will be gracing the kitchen wall space this year (dear daughter will be thrilled):


Don’t worry, little piggies, we are vegetarians.

I think there will be a full-scale return to the sewing machine very soon! There’s that whole box of City Girl and a stack of P&B Pop Parade, among other things. And, you have to run and see the free ApplePop pattern. I eBayed an 8″ applecore template just for that.

Ready or not, happy new year!


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  1. pam said

    Who doesn’t love sewing marathons… it was an all CSI day here! Hope you have a great 2008!!! Can’t wait to see what you get yourself into this coming year!!


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