A review of Enchanted

School starts back up tomorrow. So, dear daughter and I went to see Enchanted today. Here is my review.

Entertaining, but could we possibly get a little continuity check on Patrick Dempsey’s hair? After a few scenes, I became obsessed with what his hair was doing that differed from what it was doing mere seconds before. Very distracting.



  1. pam said

    How much do I love that you notice this? Tons. Because ohmygod have you seen the new National Treasure? Why are we still pretending Nick Cage has hair? All thru the movie that’s all I notice, his fake, weirdly colored hair. In fact, I just keep saying in my own head, fake hair fakehairfakehair. Frankie would not come to the movies with us (yeah she’s 20 so there’s a ton of reasons but this is the main one) unless I PROMISED not to say (out loud) FAKE HAIRFAKEHAIRFAKE HAIR.

    I know she was thinking it too.

  2. I don’t remember noticing his hair at all. I guess I don’t notice these things. I never noticed Nicolas Cage’s hair either.

    I am sitting here watching Emeril and Pat Benatar is cooking with him. Just an update since her name came up recently.

  3. Rachel said

    I was so distracted by the fake hair!!!! I went on New Years Day to see National Treasure with my family and was astounded that no one else was asking about the hair! My four year old was totally bored with the beginning of the movie (dry dry dry) and I was unnerved by the sleeping chinchilla on Nick’s Noggin.

    Other than that, I liked it. 🙂 Much more female empowerment in this movie, more so that the first movie. I was also happy to see the Mom and Dad getting some screen time. I like senior empowerment, too. 🙂

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